Intermittent errors stablishing connection with database

Error Message

Intermittent errors stablishing connection with database, it occurs by clicking on such option within the site successively
and page load time is low

I removed half of the plugins also kept one only theme

I just want to know what is the main reason or the process that i sould perform to fix such issue

Thanks in advance team and community members

Are you using WordPress? Did you turn on WP_DEBUG?


I am using wordpress

But guess what ,
The site was working normally last week.with regular visitors

This week , especially yesterday, i removed many data

  • i removed about half of my site plugins
  • i removed all themes , kept the main one only
  • i removed about 5 pages
  • i didn’t receive visitors as usual .

And guess what , after doing all these actions that is healhy ,
I found now my site suspended due to exceeding ram limit

But last week when all of these previously plugins , themes, pages and visitors
It was working normally

I can’t find a reoson for this , and i want really to know to avoid this
Why it was working normally and after i decrease the site data and load , it is punished by infinityfree

Well, if you look at the graphs in the control panel right now, you can see that RAM usage has been increasing over the last week. But yesterday spiked noticeably higher.

Note that RAM usage is not a measurement of traffic, it’s a measurement of system usage. And you can use a lot of RAM all on your own, depending on what you do and what your website is doing. And apparently, it’s using too much.

Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, yours is probably better, because you know a lot more about your site than I do.

The server just measures the amount of memory used by your account. We can’t even tell which URL or IP is responsible for this, let alone something specific like a particular piece of code.

If you hit the limits, you will be “punished”. That’s how the limits work.

If you’re asking whether we have made up a nonsense reason to take your site down for no reason, then no, of course we don’t do that.


Thanks for clarification i don’t know how to check graph
If you can guide me where its place on cpanel , i will be grateful .
I will try to check its location now

Traffic not the reoson that i mentioned , i meant i decreased php loads by removing
Plugins and many data . So, i surprised that this has been done especially after my actions.

Thanks for your answer dear

Just login and they’ll be there right in front of you. When your account is active, you can find the graphs in the Account Statistics menu.


I wll keep fixing the problem . Thanks alot for your help


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