Interesting things about Drupal

Hiya. :wink:
Today, I try Drupal, and it has some warnings:

Don’t know about that, so I ask it here.

Updates? I don’t think it’s working. :confused: OPCache? Yeah, I know OPCache isn’t supported here, so I don’t have to worry :slight_smile:
That’s it, see you later!

Wait, does this hosting support command-line thingy? (Yuck, it’s not supported too)
Edit: Aw crap, I guess that was a bad idea :confused:

I’m sorry, but what is this topic about? Are you just complaining about Drupal? Or do you want help in setting up a Drupal site? Because if you want help, you should submit a topic in the Hosting Support category, not here.


I telling my story. I didn’t asking for help (/don’t worry, my site isn’t broken)

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