Instant delete account

Is it possible to delete an account without having to wait 30 days? I want to make a new account but now I have to wait 30 days.

No, there is no way to delete accounts immediately. We have to keep accounts for some time, in case anyone does bad stuff with the hosting and tries to delete evidence. And while I have no reason to believe that you have done anything bad, we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

I understand, thanks for replying.

Is there any way to know how much time is left to complete the 30 days? I’ve made a request to delete a domain, but so far nothing, and I no longer remember exactly when I requested…

Deleting a domain name from an account is instant. The deletion of the account itself is caused by the inactivity timer, which checks traffic over the last 30 days. So it takes approximately 30 days for the account to be deleted, but it can be more or less.

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