Installtion failed: Critical error! Tried everything

I am unable to update, install, or upload any theme in my wordpress!

There are few things I have tried so far:

  1. Disabling all the plugins and setting theme to default.

  2. Tried uploading various themes, and simple plugins (All were under 10MB, maybe be just 1-2MB)

  3. Tried uploading using FTP. (In wordpress it says stylesheet missing, I have tried uploading very simple themes but same error )

  4. Check my email ( but never recived any mail, checked my spam mail)

  5. Check all wordpress and PHP are on thelatest version.

  6. Deleted old database and created new one. ( still facing same errors!)

  7. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling wordpress.

a) themes and plugings were working in my different site few weeks back but no working here!
b) I don’t have ssl certificate ( Is there any chance it’s all happening because of that?)

Please help me, I have tried everything thing available on google.

Following screenshot is of mobile but I have tried using my laptop to it shows same error!

And also when I put /login after my url it shows 404 error page.( what’s wrong with that )

Hope you can solve it ASAP.

How big is the theme?

First on was of 7.8 MB maybe ( I have tried many other themes all were in there range of 1-5 MB)

Check this

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Already tried everything thing in that article.

Did you REALLY attempt a full manual installation and did you still get this error? Could you please share a screenshot of where you get this error with a manual installation? Or share which steps you performed to do that?


Should I manually reinstall wordpress using FTP?
Will this help? Sorry I don’t have the screenshot of that.
But What I did was

  1. Deactivated all plugins and set theme to default.
  2. Upload the theme usping FTP.
  3. When I opened the theme panel under appearance section, there was an error stylesheet missing.!

There were 2 themes I installed
Writee which wo approx of 1-2 MB
And other one was themify-ultra (page builder)

Writee installed successfully but when I tried to apply it.
It showed some error after I clicked apply.

And themify-ultra was never installed.( theme same file was working on a different site few weeks back)

I tried reinstalling wordpress:

  1. I deleted all plugins and theme (except default)
  2. I tried reinstalling it from the wordpress itself; and got the following error.

No, your WordPress installation is probably fine. No need to reinstall it manually. The theme installation is not working, I don’t see any reason to believe that this is a problem with your WordPress installation.

Can you please double check that you actually uploaded the correct theme folder to the correct directory? Some downloadable themes include additional folders with examples and documentation, so please make sure you’re actually uploading the correct theme files.

Note that this is NOT uploading the zip file through the WordPress web interface. Having to unpacking the archive is usually what trips the PHP limits, so downloading the file from your computer or from a theme repository doesn’t different that much. But extracting the files locally and uploading those with FileZilla bypasses the extraction step.

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It working now. Thank you!

My wordpress too not updating

Make a another topic for it, not hijacking and we will help you with it.

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