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I installed Xenforo on database for my website. the install was really quick. I am switching over to installing the forums on my localhost and now its taking foreverrrr… I know this may not be related to hosting support but I am wondering if you have any advice for me to speed things up?

Thank you

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

It is my understanding that you have setup Xenforo here, and have been installing the forums on your computer.

Can you please clarify which of the two is running slowly?

Welcome, @topzic :wave:!

  • Xenforo is a paid software and is not recommended on free hosting.
  • If you can afford ~ $200, why not buy a DO droplet?
  • Also note that using a nulled script is against the terms of service.

thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: So I am running the database off my computer and xenforo is installing on my website. the installation part is going really slow.

thanks for the advice I definitely won’t be doing that. My game is connected to the group ranks of xenforo and a lot of other things

That is probably not the best configuration, and explains why everything may be moving so slow. To install, the installer program now has to keep an open connection with two servers that are probably in different countries.

Additionally, Xenforo is a huge piece of software, so even after you get it installed, it may be super slow, and you will probably be hitting a lot of limits. Since you are willing to pay a minimum of $160 for this piece of software, you probably have the money to pay an extra $5 a month for hosting.

You can just install this installation of premium hosting, where you will also get 1-on-1 support and higher limits, unlike the ones here.


Database connections are very sensitive to latency. Remember that for every single query, PHP has to send the query from our server to your house, and the response has to be sent back. And for a single page view on a website, it’s not uncommon to do dozens of queries. So this quickly adds entire seconds to your page load time. And that’s probably also what’s making the import so slow.


thank you for your response and I ended up upgrading to the premium. How long does it roughly take for my plan to change from infinityfree to Ultimate Premium status? Do I also need to change the webservers for my domain to ifastnet or does it stay as infinityfree webservers?

This guide should answer any questions you may have!

Please let me know if you have any questions?


without making a ticket how would I do it manually? I switched webservers to ifastnet but its still using infinityfree webserver.

If you don’t want to make a ticket, you will have to sign in to iFastNet’s control panel (NOT with the information you were given when you created your premium account. Once you login, you will be given the new FTP and database information that you can use.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


I have all the information and logged in the ftp server using filezilla but you can still see its reading from infinityfree webserver.

You have to delete you domain from your InfinityFree account (Via the IF control panel), then add it to your new iFastNet one. You will then have to clear your cache.

I was able to delete it from my infinityfree and add it to iFastNet, I also changed the webservers for my domain on Dreamhost. I am getting this it says its suspended

Please clear your cache. The document index page is working for me. I’m sorry try this one. this has my xenforo files which should prompt the install for me. or even if you try it says suspended. it usually just directs me to

Again, please clear your cache. I get an install message.

*I removed your domain from your post since your install is not setup yet

Thank you for doing that, and I was accidently putting my files in the wrong directory… It was a newb mistake lol anyways thank you so much for all the help and quick replies!! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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