Installing Themes/Plugins on Wordpress takes really long time

Hey everyone it’s been a while!

Since the beginning this month I was thinking about updating my website and chose to switch to Wordpress.
I have installed it just this afternoon on
So I then wanted to upload my theme manually and I can never get past the Unpacking phase. It just stays like that.
After that I decided to see if there’s anything uploaded on FTP. It did but I deleted the few files that it succeeded to upload.
I then carefully uploaded the folder itself by following official Wordpress instructions.
However, this is what I get every time:
As you can see a weird 58 minutes left and the speed stays most of the time below 20kb/s.

I don’t know if servers are extremely crowded during the holidays or whatever is going on, but I am really having a hard time just to install this. I also tried installing a plugin lately (which also took some time) and then removed it. Just for testing.

Thanks in advance.

I just tried uploading it using FTP software again this morning. It said it was completed but only uploaded the Admin folder. Assets, includes, languages, public, index.php, release_log.html and uninstall.php are missing. Any help?