Installing ssl certificate

In cpanel when i click on ssl/tls in order to install the ssl certificate i can not see any box where i can upload the certificate. What should i do, how to install the certificate?

The simplest way to install SSL is Cloudflare, that can be enabled by either the cPanel or by adding the domain after registering on and point it to their nameservers.
However, disable the advert blocking tool before continuing to the Panel and on the InfinityFree services, or whitelist *, and on it, because you’re violating the term 25 of the Terms of Service and if didn’t disable it during the access on the Panel and the services you may get the account suspended.

When i try to install Cloudflare Flexible SSL or some other plugin i got the following error: Installation failed: Destination folder already exists. Or if i install it when i try to activate i got this error

'This plugin doesn’t have a valid header. Please let me know how to solve this, can i install ssl without installing a plugin cloudflare ssl?

You can’t have SSL with just plugins installed on WordPress!
Add the domain on Cloudflare via the cPanel, not the WordPress dashboard, after logging in with the hosting account’s credentials, that you can have on the Client Area by clicking on the account of the domain you’re trying to install SSL on, or here (if you have added the domain on the link you may need to change the nameservers to them), then go on the Crypto section after logging in the dashboard and set the SSL option to “Full”. Then after 24 hours you will have SSL without plugins, and you may need to go on the WP settings and change the URL from the http version to https, and you’re done! Then set page rules to always redirect to HTTPS the www version of the domain and the standard one.

The account you were looking at, epiz_23499193, currently does not have any domain names assigned to it, so there are no domains which you can upload SSL certificates to. The domain name you were looking at is currently hosted on your other hosting account. So if you check that account, you should be able to access the SSL settings.

And you may wan to change the labels of the accounts to reflect this, because I can imagine it’s confusing when the label of one account shows a domain name which is assigned to the other account.

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