Installing scripts that follow the TOS but from other sources

Is installing scripts that follow the ifastnet tos but from other sources like installatron allowed?


Whether you wrote it or some other source like GitHub is irrelevant
it is essential that you follow the InfinityFree TOS
and of course to take care not to exceed resources (Fair Usage Limits - and the rest from that section)


So is that a yes or a no?

Please, read InfinityFree ToS to not get your hosting account deactivated, becasue, for example file sharing scripts are not allowed here.

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Im not doing a sharing script or anything that breaks the tos.
I just wanna ask if you can install something from a different source like installatron.


if you follow the rules as well as copyright

(IR) Installatron Remote

they upload the desired script to your account via FTP

it is much better to use our Softaculous app installer
because it knows to some extent the parameters for DB and other necessary data
and makes uninstall easier unlike the ones you mentioned


Ok, Thanks.

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