Installing Previous Version of WordPress, 6.0.1

I am running Windows 10 64 bit home edition and XAMPP 7.

I want to uninstall WordPress 6.0.2 and install WordPress 6.0.1. However, I find that even
when I download and use WordPress 6.0.1, it manages to remain version 6.0.2.

How may I fix this problem, and get rid of whatever keeps my WordPress version 6.0.2, so that I can use the previous version, without it being somehow converted to 6.0.2 for me, which is against my wishes and not what I want?

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Using Google, it took me 10.4 seconds (Including starting and stopping the timer) to find this page.

Google is really helpful, you should try it sometime.


Disable auto-update


Where is that setting, and what do I do to produce a no-update result, kindly, please? :slight_smile:

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I had already tried doing that. What I’m finding is that even If I drop the tables and database, and start again with version 6.0.1, it is turning my wordpress into 6.0.2 against my will. I can I get 6.0.1, and not any later version?

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The line

define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false ); inside wp-config.php is the magic I needed and does the job.

But WordPress 6.0.1 keeps putting up red circles and adds and link and buttons everywhere to update to 6.0.2, although now I have the option to ignore and keep using 6.0.1. Is there a simple way to turn off all of them too?

This should do the job

though it is not advisable to leave WP unpatched as there could be vulnerabities which may allow hackers access to your site. As much as possible, do not use the plugin method


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