Installing phpbb error 404

Hello, I want to install the phpBB3 forum and I enter the path of the file is htdocs/phpBB3
I enter the address
And it gives a 404 error

Does the phpBB3 directory exist in htdocs? And could you provide us with your domain?


A few important things to note:

Please pay attention to which directory your site is actually linked. You can check which directory your domain is linked to through the Domains list in the client area.

Also, please note that our servers (like almost all hosting servers) run on Linux, which means that files and directories are case sensitive. So if you have a folder phpbb3 and try to access the URL /phpBB3, it won’t work, because the capitalization is different.

This case sensitivity also extends to domain folders. So please try to resist the urge to “fix” the capitalization of your domain folder to match your branding standards, because you will break your website by doing so.


This is the domain

htdocs it does not appear

What do you mean? htdocs is the root directory of your website and it should be here:


Sorry I made a mistake it’s in htdocs

And I was also wrong that the error is like that

This article goes over what to do with an Error 500:


Those are not the files I see when I check your account:

There is no folder phpBB3 on the domain

If you’re not sure which account the domain is on, you can use the Domain Checker to find it.


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