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Is there a way I can install ImageMagick on InfinityFree servers?

My guess is going to be no, although you can give it a shot.

Even if you did, IF would hold you responsible for any image uploaded to your site. If someone uploaded an inappropriate picture to edit, and IF’s filters detected it, your entire account could be permanently removed.

I’m just using it as my own file hoster, nothing such as something really bad. ImageMagick is a hard resource to install so I’m just going to try to make my own resource that removes Exif Data from Images.

Not that file hosting is not allowed (Even for personal use), but if you remove the images from the server after you edit them you should be fine.

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We don’t have Imagick installed on our servers, but GD is available for basic image manipulation.

But as @Greenreader9 already said: file/image hosting of any kind is not allowed here.

I’m using InfinityFree to test out and create APIs, I will not use InfinityFree for personal/shared hosting. I was just asking if you guys had ImageMagick so I had more useful resources to prepare to deploy a web application. I’m still thinking about releasing it on GitHub since I don’t really have a lot of money to spend on this project, things such as Web Host Providers and VPS Providers as well. I hope I got the confusing part out of the way. I was just trying to make an API to upload a image and delete it after the edits I have made. Hope that is fine.

Hosting APIs is against the InfinityFree TOS


Oh I’m sorry, I’ll guess I’ll migrate to Localhost instead.

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