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This is my first Joomla website for our local chuch which I want to be totally free!
This question is about InfinityFree with Joomla 4 installed
I have managed to install Joomla 4 ok and this is working. I have installed a free module ‘slideshowCK’ and that is working. I then tried to install ‘JEvents’ and this failed with ‘Internal Sever Error’. So I then tried ’
DP Calendar Free’ and that also fails with ‘Internal Server Error’
In the process of trying ‘JEvents’ I asked the source writer and he tried to install his own software on my site and was also unsuccessfull. Sometimes the error is reported as ‘Server Gone Away’ it does seem to wait quite a while before the message comes up. The coder of ‘JEvents’ says it may be a slow zip file installer?
Any ideas why I am getting these installation errors? I really need a calendar module to work.

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InfinityFree does not support installation over ZIP. Please unzip the file on your local computer, then upload the resulting files to the server.


The problem with that might be that there are many nested zip files contained in the main zip. If I extract the nested zip files then I can then install them using ‘upload package file’ (by dragging the zip file across) but the main componant (2.9MB) will not work (results in ‘internal server error’) (I think it times out).
The author is now offline 'till Monday when I will ask if an upload by ftp of the unzipped main componant will work but I suspect not.

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