Installed SSL through infinityfree but still Sowing no ssl certificate found

Username epiz_33173654

Error Message

Even after installing ssl certificate using beta install certificate and even doing it manually when check for verification it still says so ssl certificate was found
Error Screen

Other Information

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Try installing the certificate manually using the certificate and private keys.


i have done both methods automatically and manually too using private key and certificate but none of way worked out.

same here…no one can help us :sob: :sob: :sob:

Is there even a private key and certificate after you click show?
Maybe you got to this step without an actual certificate, so you basically broke the system. If that is the case I think simply creating a new certificate will solve the problem.

Yes there is a private key and certificate then only i can try for manually if there was no certificate how i can manually try.

I checked and it’s using Cloudflare right now (with a valid SSL certificate).

Note that when using Cloudflare, the certificate presented to visitors (and seen by our SSL validator) is provided by Cloudflare, regardless of what’s installed on your hosting account.

Note that Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to issue an SSL certificate for domains just added to their service.


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