Installed SSL,but still not secure

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Error Message The certificate is not trusted in all webbrowsers. I need to install an intermediate/chain certificate to link to a trusted root certificate

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Other Information I don’t know how to get it and how to install

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Of course the problem can be ignored, only all modern browsers partially block my page. The page contains audio, which is not played. As soon as one switches to “http” the audio plays. The problem is that no one knows or understands how to set up their browser. Given your answer, I understand that a solution is not possible?

Get a custom domain, then use CloudFlare


I see the same issue. However, this is not because of the missing root certificate, it’s because the audio stream is being loaded over HTTP. To make sure that a secure page is actually secure, modern browsers refuse to load content over insecure connections if the page is loaded over HTTPS.

That’s the reason why switching to HTTP fixes it: not because there is a problem with the SSL certificate, but because loading everything over HTTP is literally the only way browsers will load the audio stream as it is set up right now.

To fix this, you must load your audio stream over HTTPS too. Neither Cloudflare, nor any other hosting provider or any SSL provider will fix this issue.


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