Installed Joomla - can't access

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I’m hoping someone can help?
I created a website reservoir using Although easy to use I was finding it a bit limiting (or just might be me) to get it to show the site how I wanted it. So I thought I’d use Joomla (I used Mambo a long time ago).
So I deleted the website, and disconnected the domain name and installed Joomla - I even tried it using a sub domain install to test but then I get a message

"This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in

  • If spelling is correct, [try running windows network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).

Can you advise me on how I might resolve this? I’m not verty expert at all in this so please keep any explanations or instructions simple?
Many thanks

This is not valid


Make sure domain is pointing to and


many thanks for prompt reply.
Would I have got these nameservers from when I started using the builder?
Your solution worked. I live and learn
Many thanks again - it is appreciated

If you got the builder along with their hosting, then yes. If you use through us, then it should still be using our nameservers.


thanks - I have it through you - I must have changed it manually - I sort of lost track to be honest - trying so many different things to find firstly a free host that would let me use my own domain name. I found you guys eventually. Then looking at all sorts of options to create a website as easily as I can. I likes the wysiwyg ones and was the only one I could see with you. As I said it is a bit more restrictive (or my ability is) so I’ll (re) learn Joomla.

Thanks again

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