Installation of WordPress couldn't connect site to WordPress app

@Admin I would thank you if you resolve my wordpress site’s issue.

I got my free hosting account epiz_21403257 activated. I have hosted my own domain in the addon domains and installed WordPress v4.9.2 in the site. I don’t have any kind of problems with the installation and setup. But due to some issue, my wordpress site ‘’ is not connecting to WordPress app. I have asked support in forums but they asked me to ask the hosting provider. It could be because of invalid SSL certificate or the configuration done by you for blocking xml-rpc client. I have comodo ssl certificate for my site but it couldn’t be installed. How to resolve this without upgrading to premium plan? Reply fast please @Admin

API access is blocked on free hosting, so the only way you can connect a mobile app to your site hosted here is by upgrading your account, I’m sorry to say.