Installation of PHP based community site called Nova

That’s just the problem, I am not sure of what url my subdomains go by. I am unfamiliar with adding or editing configuration files in terms of coding.

I wish to install a PHP based website that is called Nova. But their documentation on installation is lacking in detail, and as I am not sure what url to use I am lost.

Their installation guide is here Installation and I’m unsure of how to correlate their guide with infinityfree’s guides. I’ve uploaded all the files, I am sorry for being a bother but if I could request some handholding that would be great?

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can walk me through with.

Extract all the files into htdocs folder… If any error then we can see what will be the solution regarding that!
Without having the error code we can’t determine!

To upload the files, you can follow this guide: How to upload files with FTP

For the database credentials, you can check this: How to setup a new MySQL Database

If you’re having trouble correlating specific steps in the guide with steps on our hosting, we can probably help you. Are you asking this as a general question or is there a specific step you’re currently stuck on?


I set up the databases and already uploaded files.

I’m not sure of what URL to use to for subdomains in order to get to the software installation page.
There is a folder called nova which is where the software looks to in order to install.

I get the forbidden error, but I don’t understand Infinityfree’s guide for how to fix it.

Do I have htdocs in the URL or do I have my account’s URL . the subdomain then the Nova folder?

Are you sure you uploaded your files to the right location? Please note that your website files have to be uploaded directly to the htdocs folder of your site. Placing them in a subfolder won’t work, because the server doesn’t check for subfolders.

As for the URL to use, you’ll probably want that to be just your subdomain without anything else. Unless you like your website URL to be instead of just, but most people don’t want that.


Is there a chance Infinityfree could look into the Nova software, I’m not sure what else to say or show, other then the link to the Nova’s installation documentation to explain the issues…

How does a softaculous installer work? It puts subfolders into htdocs, maybe Nova can work the same way?

I’m just not sure what kind of files and code would be needed to make that happen?

Probably not, you get what you get


Softaculous is not owned by infinityfree, for a software to be added on softaculous is the Softaculous’ teams’ decision


A URL to your website I can check would help a lot.

Right now, I don’t know if the problem is because of compatibility issues with Nova or just because you didn’t install it correctly. I don’t see any inherent issues with the installation instructions, and I’m fairly certain I can setup Nova on a testing account without any problems. But just because I can setup Nova on my account doesn’t help you setup Nova on your account.


I do apologise for my sounding hostile if it has been received that way, sorry to you all. I’m frustrated with my lack of understanding for website coding and hosting knowledge.

I’ve put all the files into the htdocs folder of subdomain. According to Nova install I think the install url should be …/nova which should give a setup configuration page that the sql db info and admin account info can be done?

Um are you able to access my subdomains file directories?

If you are willing I’d love to see what steps you would do to install Nova? That would be awesome.

Oh on another issue it seems Chrome has labelled as a dangerous site. Is there something I can do about that?

You can try to report a false positive to Google Safe Browsing, but the best is to get your own custom domain

I see a 403, which means there are no (index) files available, can you screenshot your file structures?


I just tried to visit, and when I open it, I’m immediately greeted with what looks like the Nova setup wizard. You should be able to proceed from there.

The installation instructions assume you want to install it in a subfolder, in which case you need to add that to the URL. If you place all the files in a folder called nova, then you need to add /nova to the URL. If you put them in a folder called game, you add /game to the URL.

No worries, you didn’t come across as hostile to me.


Whoops my bad, I forgot I did an experiment. I’ve moved the files back now.
Oh update I just discovered not all the files got uploaded as I thought they did. I reuploaded everything that should have been there and by what you said it worked.

Thanks for confirming Admin!

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Hey sorry to bring this back up, but I tried the sites again to do the installation, but I get forbidden errors:

they all give me a 403 forbidden… is it because of the MariaDB update?
Without the /nova I get a white page. I don’t understand, sorry for all this.

No. Absolutely 0% chance. A redirect to the 403 error page is always caused by web server configuration blocking you from accessing the URL. This means any PHP code under that URL is not executed, so there is no way to establish a database connection even if you wanted it to.

That’s what I see too. As to why you see that, I don’t know for sure. I do know that this response is generated by the code from Nova itself. I also see that the server response code is 200 OK, which usually means the code didn’t actually crash.

As to why Nova would return a blank page, I don’t know. I don’t know enough about Nova to answer that question.

But you could try to enable display_errors anyway and see if it provides any useful information:


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