Install Wordpress in seperate directory


I want to install Wordpress in an existing account using Softaculous. Is it possible to install it in seperate directory, not in htdocs?

Thanks for helping!

Softaculas gives you the option to specify a directory to install it in.



What should I enter in directory textbox? I don’t want to accidentally delete other files because it will be a hassle to fix, even with backups.

Softaculous has safeguards in place to protect that.

If you enter a new directory name in there, Softaculous will just install to that directory without touching the website in the main htdocs.

If you enter a directory name in there which already has files, Softaculous will refuse to install until you clear out the directory first.

Having a backup is always a good idea. But you definitely won’t need them if you do you pay attention during the installation.


It’s working! Thanks for your help!


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