Install SSL on my custom subdomain

Can I install SSL from Infinityfree to Subdomains on my own Domain?


I have tried to install ssl to but the subdomain option on CNAME RECORDS is not available only the main domain is available

See below

Got it?


okay, in a moment I’ll try it

Trust me, it will work. Remember to mark as solved

I’ve done it your way but it still doesn’t work

still the status is not ready

Unless you key in the fields wrongly,
you need to wait (up to 24hrs) …

can you check from the mistakes i made

Looks ok to me.
Wait, you also using built-in CloudFlare from VPanel?
Not sure if it will interfere with ur CNAME…

okay. yes I use cloudfalre and i don’t think it’s annoying

I think you are doing all wrong. Let’s wait for Admin…

oh really, what was wrong with my actions can you tell me?

By the way, the method you gave earlier worked, I really thank you

You just need to manually add your domain to
Once added, SSL will be issued to both domain and subdomains. Job done.
What you are doing now is adding a lot of complexities and issues…

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oh sorry I don’t know that way I still need a lot to learn

Just dun repeat the same mistake. Glad to resolve ur issue. Pls mark as solved

Of course, where can I press the resolved button? I don’t see any resolved button in this post