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Hi Good day Everyone,

epiz_31453321 - user name

My domain is as attached.

My Filelocation is as attached.

When I enter into the URL, it either gives a 404 or the error as below.

Anyone can help?


(please share the FULL error message you see)

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Please upload the lib folder along with its files.


Hi Jaikrishna,

I found that a lot of files are not transferred. This file manager seems like cannot transfer all the folders and sub-folders together. this is very horrible as now i busy transferring sub folders one by one. If i select two or more, the file manager stop working.

In windows OS, I can simply drag the main folder and all will be transferred but this is not so in here. This is very troublesome as manually transferring can miss out a few files here and there.

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Use filezilla


As I am now experimenting, I do not want to install so many software. Also this computer is not mine but belongs to company asset.

Thank you very much. Will transfer one by one and see how

Consider this


Actually I just installed Filezilla. I gave up as there are too many subfolders and sub sub folder and sub sub sub folders and so on… As I am a IT nerd, hopefully it is user friendly and intuitive enough for me without the need to go thru courses on filezilla.

Thank you KangJL


Using FileZilla is quite easy.

After you’re connected to the FTP server, simply navigate to the folder on your computer with the Moodle files on the left, and to the website installation folder on the right. Then just drag all the files and directory of Moodle from the left pane to the right pane, and let FileZilla do it’s thing.


Oh Hi Admin,

Yeah, I actually managed to move the Moodle files into htdocs directory.
But ha, I just posted a new issue. Anyone who is expert in SQL, database or Moodle installation, please help.

IT noob, Ben


Hi Everyone,
Good day.
I am trying to install Moodle the latest version Moodle 3.11.6+ (Build: 20220401).
Error message as attached and as I am IT nerd, I don’t understand how to resolve this.

Any advice is appreciated

as this is the last step of installation.

(other information and details relevant to your question)

The error in the first message is easy to fix, just do as it says.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about the error in the second picture.


The first error message is easy to fix. It tells you exactly which setting to edit, which file it can be found in, what the current value is and what you need to change it to. I can’t make it more clear than that.

The second error is more complicated. It appears Moodle doesn’t like the current value of the innodb_large_prefix variable.

However, this setting doesn’t exist in MariaDB 10.3, which is what we’re using: it’s enabled by default. So it’s silly that Moodle’s check doesn’t account for this.

Maybe this check fixes itself if you change the dbtype setting.


Hi Admin,

The problem with the first error message is if I follow the instruction, system prompts “cannot connection to database”. The only workable selection is MySQLI. I give you an example: I ask you to turn right to reach the destination. However, when you turn right, the road is blocked.
Maybe an expert can jump over the road blockage but as a layman like me, there is not much I can do for the first error.

Second error: totally don’t understand.

Any expert here can advise me is there any resolution for the two errors?


Can you please share a screenshot of that error too? And maybe also a screenshot of the settings you changed (be sure to not show any sensitive data like passwords)?

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Hi Admin,

Yes yes yes! I managed to install it. The trick is to delete the config file and reinstall. during installation choose mariadb. if you follow its instruction and manually change the config file, it will not work.


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