Install flarum extensions without composer

Because InfinityFree doesn’t support composer or ssh, is there any other way to install flarum extensions without installing them on my computer (locally)?

Forum URL: My Flarum
Account Username: epiz_30876775

Flarum Version: 1.2.0


You just need to find another computer to install composer on. Why don’t you want to download them to your own computer?

Also, since this is an extension to your old topic, you really did not need to create a new one.

I can’t install so i can’t use composer on my own computer.

Why can’t you install composer on your computer? You need composer to install the plugins, there is no other way.

Because i don’t know how to install php and i watched many tutorials.

Install XAMPP, it installs PHP for you.

Then install composer.


And after that how do i install the plugins? Where they will be saved and where i will have to put them? There are no tutorials on the whole internet about how to do that with flarum.

Just lookup composer instruction, it does not need to be Flarum specific. You need to use the command line, select and/or create a folder, then install it. Find the folder using Explorer, download the files, then upload them to the plugins folder on Flarum


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in C:\Users\emili, the same location you told it to save in.

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I didn’t told it to save in a specific file.

(And i think this composer thing is a virus because my mouse is randomly clicking on things)

Yes, you did. Look at the bottom of your screenshot.

Its not. Its one of the most popular programs for developers. Unless you downloaded it from the wrong place for course.

This image:

The last line says C:\Users\emili>, that is where the command line is operating out of. If you run composer, that is where it is saving everything.

And what i have to move? There are a lot of files in vendor

You have to move the plugin files from the vendor folder to Flarum’s plugin folder. Don’t ask me how, as I have never used composer to install Flarum plugins.

Just follow this, it’s pretty simple also,

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Isn’t this a question you should ask on the Flarum forum instead? How to install Flarum plugins has a lot more to do with Flarum than it does with our hosting.

And anyone using a web hosting account without SSH access will have the same problem, so the Flarum forum will probably have people with similar situations who are not using our hosting.

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