Install Filebob

Will I be able to install Filebob in Infinityfree ?

I have no idea, perhaps share the requirements? Also, storing and sharing files for download is against the terms of service.

I believe you can do that with a third-party program.

Possibly IF is not the choice for you maybe :frowning_face:

$48 dollars? Why don’t you get premium hosting? Also, I think that is violating the TOS.


i am also using filebob which i bought premium hosting and wasabi
other ways you want to buy cloud hosting serve

We don’t allow file sharing sites to be hosted with us, so no, you are not allowed to host this here.

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I see everything wrong with file hosting but using an API i think is okay but don’t know its allowed.

The rules are simple: no file sharing sites on our hosting.

Even if the files are stored somewhere else, the uploads and/or downloads are still passing through our servers, which consumes a disproportionate amount of bandwidth and processing power.

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