Install a forum

Thank you for the free webhosting.

Just installed an xmb forum instance at

and it was relatively easy. The trickiest part was the ssl install but most of that was really just waiting for the relevant bits to do what they do.

In case anyone else installs xmb forum, remember to edit the config.php file. Here is an example of required bits to change:

Ensure config.php file has this set:

$tablepre = ‘xmb_’;

and that this is set to whatever infinityfree show as the **MySQL Hostname (it’s not localhost), eg:

$dbhost = ‘sql206. epizy .com’;

$full_url = ‘http://yoursubdomain .infinityfreeapp .com/’;


// Database connection settings
$dbname = ‘epiz_3169999_xmb’; // Name of your database
$dbuser = ‘epiz_3169999’; // Username used to access it
$dbpw = ‘whateverthepwdis’; // Password used to access it
$dbhost = ‘sql206. epizy .com’; // Database host, usually ‘localhost’
$database = ‘mysql’; // Database type, currently only mysql is supported.
$pconnect = 0; // Persistent connection, 1 = on, 0 = off, use if ‘too many connections’-errors appear

// Table Settings
$tablepre = ‘xmb_’; // XMB will prefix each table name with the string you specify here. ‘xmb_’ is a common choice.

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