Instaling IP Board 4.x

Hi I dont know if its server side or not but after i put in proper credentials all requirements are met via IP board it goes to blank screen after it tries to populate db. I have checked php version tried 5.6 and 7 no change. I think its a DB issue on permissions so I take it I cant mod them on free hosting?

I don’t know about any specific issues with IP.Boards, but I do know that’s is a big community suite which requires a substantial amount of server power to run properly. I also know that a license sets you back $175, so I’m curious why you want to run such a pricey piece of software on free hosting versus a large shared hosting account or VPS.

And if you didn’t pay that much for the license, note that we don’t allow cracked software on our hosting and your account will be terminated if it’s detected.