Can anyone help me reduce indoes usage? It’s about 55% (doesn’t update) even when I delete many folder directories. And what happens if it gets full?

It updates but it takes long time to update. up to 30 Mins i think :thinking:

You cannot create/upload any files and directories till you remove some folders/files.


It updates after a certain period of time, which is kind of random. For me it has sometimes updated instantly, sometimes after days…

If you have reached your inode limit, consider upgrading to premium to get a higher limit.

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You’re okay as long as it’s not more than 80%, you need to try and minimize the size of your files.

Actually the size of individual files doesn’t matter for inode usage, as inodes are the amount of files and directories that exist, not the space they take up. If they need a way to minimize inode usage, I would recommend merging files that are possible to merge.


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