Inodes Used100% but cannot delete files

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Error Message

Error during FTP delete directory, permission denied at: “/myDomain/htdocs”.

Other Information

i got Inodes Used100%.
when tried to delete - i got refuse by permission (Error during FTP delete directory, permission denied at: “/myDomain/htdocs”) …
and sub directories were not accessible… therefore I cannot delete files… what to do??


Changed perms in chmod?

no… haven’t change any…

You can’t delete the htdocs folder, you will have to delete everything inside the htdocs folder.

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frfom htdocs dir

from fileZile sub directories were inaccessible…
from cpanel → the online file manager >> htdocs dir show empty view… no files…


Check the filemanager and make sure you have the correction permission lvl.
Something like below:-


i have selected the domain name
click the CHMOD

i have selected the domain name
click the CHMOD >> the manual where 755 as in your pic.
i have tried to grant or to di grant extra permissions and i got… error.
the error say the domain name i have selected does not exist

Your screenshot is not clr. Need to see your directory structure(/…

as you can see there is no files but my Inodes Used100%

well… at the end i would like to total delete all the files -/ account reset and staart all over from new state.

Is your WordPress installed using Softaculous?
Files are present but cannot be seen from file manager.
However, the contents can be seen from url.
Something is very wrong indeed…

  • Like others have said: you cannot delete the subdomain folder, you can only delete the contents.
  • Note that the inode counter is not a real time value. It takes some time to update. So if you just deleted everything inside the website folder, just wait for the counter to update.
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thank you for your response admin, but please take in consideration that i have not deleted any files since i got the %100 inode.

Are you sure about that? Your inode usage is at 0% right now, and yesterday I remember it being 40%.

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