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Inodes Used

i have this problem Inodes Used: 100 % (34077 of 30019)
i deleted many image but didn’t fix the problem
and try to fined cash clear but i couldn’t
i only used Disk Space Used: 834 MB
so can u help plz!
and thank u

The counter is updated every 8 hours, so you’ll need to wait before being able to see your changes:


hello ChrisPAR and thank u for the replay
i have waited 3 days before this post and nothing change!

You probably did not delete enough.

You need to delete at least 5,000 if not more.


thank again
Is there another effective solution instead of deleting photos, because if I continue deleting, nothing will remain on the site!

You’ll need to reduce the number of files and directories on your account. Which files and directories you can delete depends on your website.

Cache files, backups, temporary data and unused software are a few good candidates for deletion with little to no impact.

I had a quick look at your account to look for possible candidates for removal. And I found that in the folder htdocs/wp-content/updraft, you appear to have a lot of backup files stored, including what seems to be a fully copy of your entire uploads folder. I think that getting rid of Updraft and all the files it created will drastically reduce your inode usage.


Thank you very much this helped a lot
I really appreciate your help :pray:


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