Inode max count not hit but receiving 'FTP Error: Disk Quota Exceeded'

My inode max count has not been reached (it’s less 2000 files and folders) but files I upload empty themselfs to 0B. Vistapanel reports 6/30019 used nodes but it’s been like that for over the past 2 weeks. I have read and cannot find an answer.

What is the file size you are uploading?

It is possible that is related to an on-going FTP issue.

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All the files are less than 10MB (I’ve tried a few 300KB ones and a 9MB) but none work. I can’t be sure but I think this problem was occurring before any of the on-going issues started.

After doing a bit more research, the server will not take more than 5.5GB. If this is not a bug they should be more clear on the actual limitations of the free accounts.

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