INODE limit exceeded...Only installed 3 WP themes

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Question on INODES

I installed 3 themes in my wordpress account and it says I have over limited my INODES. And I haven’t edited a single file. I haven’t added any content. I have modified anything on any of the themes. I installed 3 themes to view with my data (which I cannot add anything now) to see which I prefer to use.

Could you please tell me how I used up 30,000+ files/directories with 3 new themes?

How many wordpress themes should I be able to install? I would hope more than 3.
Please advise
Thank you

It depends. If the theme is complicated, one theme may also exceed the 30k inode limit.

Or if you have a backup plugin that regularly makes backups and stores them on the hosting.

Or do you have more websites under a certain hosting acc so some of them generate a large number of inodes?


I checked your account, and I see you don’t have three themes, you have three full copies of WordPress installed, with an unknown number of themes, plugins and uploads on each of them.

A single WordPress site with three themes reaching 30k files is unusual, but hitting 10k files is not. And if you have three installations with 10k files, you’ve also hit the 30k limit.

Here are a few things you could try to avoid running into this limit:

  • Set up the three sites each on their own hosting account. You’re allowed to have three free accounts, so why not use them?
  • Use a single WordPress installation, and just switch the active theme to view each of them.
  • Use a single WordPress installation and set it up for Multisite. That lets you have multiple separate WordPress sites on a single installation of WordPress. You can then have separate “sites” on separate subdomains on the same installation, each with their own themes and contents.

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