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I am planning on adding a system to verify that the users logging in are legit not bots/scammers i want to add a system to add photo identification. Is storing the images on the infinity serever accepted ? I expect the traffic to be very low b/w 50 - 100. So this will not be a problem. Ill also be adding a limit on file size.
So is it allowed ?

@Admin Please respond…

Technically image hosting is not allowed, however, as you are doing in an environment that is not strictly public, and it is for ID, then technically it is allowed.

TL;DR: Yes

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Take note IF is meant for web hosting

ya that is just storing information provided but the user in a website

Some light image storage is accepted, so I don’t see a problem in that regard.

Whether storing sensitive documents like government IDs on a free hosting service (or any shared hosting service for that matter) is safe enough, and complies to data protection regulations, is another question.

humm thanks will look into it :slight_smile:

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