Infinty Free is down?

Hi ,

My website is down and it is returning a 520 Sever Error from Cloudflare, Is InfintyFree down ?

Website - Scan the QR CODE (because I don’t want my customer to see this when they search in google )

i think its a hosting error.

my website is also down

Hi @Che11rak ,

Is your website being redirected to ?


first it showed 502 error. And now it shows error establishing a database connection.
my website is also down and i cant access cpanel too

My website was showing a 520 sever error now it’s showing !

It’s a hosting issue, your website can’t pull any data from docs. My website showed at the beginnig only interfaces which made by html/css, but about 70% of data being pulled from Database I couldn’t see (the website looks like a mess!).

Now my website doesn’t work at all!

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