Infinityfree's time

Whats next for Infinity free?

Hey, I was just curious how long will InfinityFree be around for? Knowing its literally all free, there’s no way it can be self sustainable. Even with ads and such, I don’t believe that you guys can provide such a good deal. Will this be around forever?


It will stay forever…
(Admin will not betray us)


But still, could they ever just cut it?

i dunno bro they seem pretty sassy anyone with that much sass cannot be trusted

Well,Ifastnet has been providing these services from 2007…
So you can trust,
BUT STILL it is just a opinion…

Do some maths…
This forum has 10.8k forum members and some people haven’t activated their forum account…
So I expect more than 15k users…
Just do some calculations.(No one can’t run a business without profit)…

And do note this hosting is not completely free…
Even with unlimitedspace,ifastnet controls with inode limit.

You can use this free hosting for a trial(until your website grows),and then I consider you to upgrade to a paid hosting


Why did you tag me?

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INode limit?


i have one doubt…

who is actually provide the hosting storage (unlimitted) ?

[ infinityfree or ifastnet ]

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oh, thats alot lol

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I think the latter.


I can’t predict the future of course, but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be around for quite some time.

InfinityFree opened it’s doors in early 2016. But it was a replacement to another brand which started in late 2011/early 2012. And it’s powered by iFastNet, who have been providing free hosting since 2007, but even they started doing related work much earlier than that.

Over all that time, especially iFastNet has been building a system from scratch designed to provide basic hosting at an extremely low cost. Because of those low costs, the advertisements and premium hosting sales are enough to operate the free hosting and still make some profit at the end.

So we’ve all been here for a while and proven that the model works and is sustainable. I don’t see why any of us would quit here.



It is not actually unlimited. Just no limited access to the server storage as long as you don’t hit inodes limit.


Well the INode limit is pretty high to be honoust.

Have you considered making an adverts-in-site option for sites with lots of users up to the point where they can get their own adverts in place to cover the costs of shifting to paid hosting? This could make the transition easier by allowing higher limits.

I have an innovative page in development, for example, which could become very popular before I have the ability to raise any money from it, so if I was to put that page up here, it could hit the limits and be suspended permanently at a point where I can’t afford to pay for hosting (I don’t even have a bank account at the moment due to illness making life hard - that’s why I’m using free hosting), so it’ll simply have to stay offline. It takes time to get approval for Google ads, for example, and it might not be up for long enough before being suspended for being too popular, at which point the project effectively ends even though it could be highly lucrative. Maybe Amazon’s fast enough to give approval, and they can pay through vouchers, but I have no idea how much money that would generate and whether it would be enough to keep my site online. If it was carrying your adverts, you’d be able to tell me when you’re confident that it can support itself. (Of course, you might not want to tell me by then as it could then reduce your profit if I switch to paid hosting and remove your adverts, but that’s a risk I’d rather take.) The problem for me is all about that transition. I need to know I’ve got enough income being generated by the site before I can go to a bank and sort my life out, and only then can I use paid hosting.

Most advertisers are quite picky about what kind of content their advertisements are on. Since we only run ads on our own sites, we can ensure to advertisers that their ads are only displayed on clean, safe and legal pages. We can’t offer the same guarantee if we run ads on hundreds of thousands of customer websites.

This is the reason Google has such a strict approval procedures. We can’t just sidestep that procedure and distribute the ads ourselves, or our publisher account will get terminated.

And manually reviewing sites is just way too labor intensive for us to be viable. The time it takes to review the sites probably costs more time and money than we’d get in ad revenue.

Also, we’re hosting providers, not angel investors. We don’t know how to judge the viability of other people’s business plans to decide if it makes sense to invest server power because it will become successful and profitable in the future so we can make our money back.

Because it sounds like you just need investors for your business who can cover the original startup costs for your business to grow, which include hosting costs.


Well, if you ever want to advertise Infinityfree using some of the best showcase sites here with higher traffic to them, I think there could be possibilities worth exploring.