InfinityFree's Alter error pages not working

Hi so my domain name is: and everything works fine but when i go to infinityfree vista panel to adjust my error pages the error pages doesnt work. My error pages have been uploaded to my file manager but when i try to input them manually or enter them into the alter error pages it seems not to work. For example the 404 error page is, but this wont show up instead infinity free’s 404 comes up which i dont understand. Whats even more confusing is that on the alter error pages it alwys makes my url http not https so the url redirect is instead of https and as a result i think it wont redirect. How do i fix this.

You cannot have a folder named errors. Try renaming it to error (or something of the like) and see if it works.


hey thanks for the quick reply lemme est it out

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thanks so much!!! it works


Glad I could help you! Be sure to mark this topic as “Solved” by clicking the solved button on my post so others can see how to solve this issue.

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I did

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