InfinityFree vs Profreehost

I think infinity free is a better choice but both companies plans are same but infinity free has ssl and more.
But if infinity free add some more features like cloudflare, DNS zone and free business email so no free company can come over infinity free.
So I my waiting when infinity free Will add DNS zone and Cloudflare and more features to their control panel.:sunglasses::thinking::infinity::smiley::+1:

Happened before but was discontinued

Keep waiting…


Cloudflare appears to have discontinued their hosting provider partner program. We’ve tried to apply for them a year ago or so and got rejected, and I’ve been told the cPanel integration has been abandoned too.

It makes sense that Cloudflare would rather interact with customers directly, it allows them to push more features, and by now Cloudflare is so big they don’t need hosting providers for exposure.

So Cloudflare being offered by hosting providers seems to be a thing of the past.

Hypothetically possible to offer, but I’ve been told there are no intents to add it. Please keep in mind that free hosting is paid for by premium hosting sales, so some advanced features will always be restricted to premium hosting to provide reasons to upgrade. Full DNS control is one such reason.

This is a very difficult product to offer in the first place. You’ll find that there are actually very few providers offering this at all. I know Zoho still has a free offer, but that’s basically it. Rampant abuse with spam and fraud makes it very tricky to offer this.

Don’t hold your breath. Cloudflare isn’t going to happen because Cloudflare doesn’t let us, and the other two features are just not on the roadmap.


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