InfinityFree Topics on Google Images?

So I just realized that upon googling a domain I have previously mentioned here on the forum, Images and links to my/from my topics appear! Obviously, I really don’t want that to happen, is there a way to prevent them from appearing on searches when someone searches the domain?

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Google automatically indexes every topic on the forum. This includes usernames, posts, urls etc. There is not really an official way of getting rid of it, but what I can suggest is that you edit those posts (with the help of a moderator if the topics are locked) and remove or change the url. When google recrawls your site it should update and your url should disappear from search results with InfinityFree.


I think you can ask google to remove them…

Besides, it’s not like that’s a big deal. People can just visit the infinityfree forum and see the images anyways, it is not like these photos are private or that they just randomly appear on non-relevant searches…

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