InfinityFree to Ifastnet


I bought a hosting plan on ifastnet and I would like to move my sites that are currently in InfinityFree to IfastNet.

That I have to do?

I hope you can help me.

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how to sholw thi problem

You can do it yourself and migrate the websites yourself by moving the files and databases from your free hosting account(s) to your premium account(s).

Or you could simply drop iFastNet a ticket and have them migrate the accounts for you.

Also, if you have any further question about your free hosting service, I would suggest contacting iFastNet about them right away. This is the InfinityFree forum, not the iFastNet forum. You’re paying for their support, after all, and iFastNet’s staff knows much more about their premium service than probably anyone here does.

Simple: post a question in the Hosting Support forum so we can look into it for you. Please don’t hijack someone else’s completely unrelated topic to ask your own questions.


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