InfinityFree Template for MOFH


I know that hosting companies like InfinityFree that use vPanel are using free reseller from MyOwnFreeHost. However, I recently started a hosting company using their reseller. But the templates they offer are 2015 and not modern. Do any of you guys know where to get modern templates like InfinityFree? Or does anyone know the client area and stuff like that?


The client area is custom coded entirely, and doesn’t use any templates. You’ll have to hire someone, code it yourself, or use those templates.


Oh also if you want more support, go to - Byet / IfastNet Forums

I think the home page uses Satria?

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Yes, it does
But the Client Area is custom

Do you have experience in MOFH?

A little bit

Do you know where to get MODERN templates?

Well for the home page, the is a good choice
And for client area… I don’t really know but I found these websites:

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Are you active on this fourm? If so, I will reply to you if I need anything.

There are some decent free site templates at You can use a CMS like WordPress or find another you like.

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