Infinityfree staff keep closing my ticket without replying why

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epiz_24962202 (

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ticket closed

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I know i was suspended because of a file which wasn’t allowed, but i asked which one it was and if i can delete it, the ticket was just closed

What have staff written to you?

I checked your ticket history. I see that there was one case where staff did actually write a reply for you.

It’s a short message, but it’s contents, along with the fact that you don’t get any more information and aren’t reactivated, should be telling.


yeah, but why? can’t I at least get a backup of my files?

If you asked for a backup and they discarded your message, that means “no”.

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I didn’t ask for a backup. I haven’t been suspended before, because I try to be a rule abiding person (apparently I wasn’t this time), so I don’t know how tickets work.

If you want a backup but haven’t asked for one, maybe you could try asking in the ticket instead of here?

In the text just above the View Ticket button, it says clearly that or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket.

So if you would like to request a backup, please do so in the ticket, and not here.


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