Infinityfree ssl and cloudflare

Hi, I recently added the cloudflare feature (displayed on cpanel) in this website:
And then stopped working. You can see the error I get when you enter the link.
When I disable the feature it starts working again, and when I enable it again it stops working

Don’t use the Cloudflare integration from the Cpanel.
Disable it in Cpanel and create an account and the configurations you need directly in Cloudflare.

You will also need this to find your host IP address:


I don’t see any error. I just see an under construction page that looks fine to me.

The site fixed for some hours and now the https website redirected me to the http

Thanks, I will try it

I made this but now I get another error. check it on the website

Can you show a screesnhot of your DNS settings in Cloudflare?

Yes, everything is OK.
It seems to be working now. I can see your website.
You can use those “A records” proxied. You don’t need to have them on “Solo DNS”.


Yes I fixed it some hours ago, Thanks for your help and your time ^^


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