Infinityfree requires domain registar to point to at, but my domain registrar requires NS records to be set up first

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I have .dk domain, which can only be handled by But they require NS records to be set up for my domain before I can change name servers. But at the same time requires domain registrar to point at, etc. before I can create an account…

It seemes like a chicken-egg problem…

Any known workarounds for this?

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As far as I’m not aware there are no workarounds for this, you must first change your nameservers to our nameservers in order for the system to verify that you’re indeed the rightful owner of the domain.


Hi and thanks a lot for your answer :grinning:
The problem is that .dk domains cannot be supported by then because sees it the other way around. They will not allow to change a .dk domain unless the nane server is configed for this domain… we are stuck :see_no_evil:

Hi, did you find a solution to this problem? I am in the same situation.

Hello and Welcome @ThomasV,

The only solution is to get another type of domain (TLD/ccTLD) or use another registrar that allows you to set your nameservers first. Since you can only add your domain here if your domain’s nameservers are using ns1 and, this is also to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the domain.


Hi @ThomasV and @UnknownLolz :slight_smile:

dk (Danish) domains are only handled by dk-hostmaster. So you cannot change domain registrar for dk domains.

They require the name servers to be configured first. I assume the reason for this is to ensure the name service reponds immediately when the change is made?

But I am wondering what harm it does to set up the name service up to a domain you don’t own? What trouble can that give when the domain registrar hasnt configured that name service?

Anyway, it seems impossible to use infinityfree for any Danish domain…

Best regards Jens Schwarzer :slight_smile:

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Sorry but I’m confused. You cannot set up any nameservers to a domain that you don’t have any control whatsoever or that you don’t own. There is no harm since you can’t add any nameservers to a domain you don’t own to begin with.

First, InfinityFree requires you to set your nameservers to and before you can add your domain to InfinityFree (It is not your registrar who adds your nameservers, it’s you yourself who will need to add them). Second if you can’t set your nameservers first since your registrar requires your domain to be provisioned by our hosting system then you can’t add/register your domain here on free hosting.

So to summarize, your domain must be using InfinityFree’s nameservers first before you can add it to your free hosting account.

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Mostly with people setting up bogus domains they don’t own, causing problems for the legitimate users.

Suppose you are the owner of a nice domain and you want to host it here. But someone else, who also thought it was a nice domain, thought they could use that domain by simply adding it to their account. However, you own the domain and want to host it. But you can’t add it, because the domain name is already “in use”, by this other person who doesn’t understand how domain registrations and hosting relates.

With a paid hosting service, you can typically contact the hosting provider, who will check the domain ownership and can remove the domain from the other account. But on free hosting, we don’t want to waste staff time on that.

And then there are the cases where someone adds a popular domain, like I know that this happened on another provider once, because all email to addresses didn’t end up at Gmail, because the domain was configured for local delivery instead. In other words: all emails to Gmail were being delivered to that hosting account.

I agree that the current method of domain verification is a bit blunt. But I do believe that some kind of automated domain verification is necessary.


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