Infinityfree Pros and Cons

Wondering what is the best about this website? :thinking: Well this is the Pros and Cons of infinityfree


  • Host any domain
  • Completely free
  • No force ads
  • Unlimited disk and bandwidth
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Server run fast
  • Softaculous script installer available
  • Lot of runtime support
  • Free SSL
  • Awesome Community Forum
    • Top Members
      • SirEpiclyDeveloper
      • GreenReader9
      • KangJL


  • PHP Mail is severely restricted
  • Not Totally Ramdom Website suspension

I would rate infinityFree 9.98/10. For me this is the best web hosting website compared to 000webhost, profreehost, X10Host, Freehostia, Googiehost, FreeWebHosting, and Etc.


Just use SMTP! It’s easy and simple to set up.

Wouldn’t call it random, and most sites never experience this. Make sure you read the fair use section of the kb if you want to learn more (

Otherwise, all is good!

(Oh, could you add “Awesome Community Forum” to the Pro list? :slight_smile: )


i also add top members
Members that always active and Always Helping other members


Did you forget about Blackzzone and others, And we have the same profile color palette

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Welcome to infinityfree’s forum. Thanks for your reply.

Maybe be he didn’t notice us or forgot about us. Whatever it’s not a big deal, You, me and everybody in this forum is a big and important part of this community.


That’s why it’s awesome

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