InfinityFree or ProFreeHost?

Hi, I am brand new to InfinityFree but before I start creating a website and everything, I wanted to know why I should build one on InfinityFree vs ProFreeHost?
They seem comparable but I don’t want to create it all on one and then find out the other one was better.
Plus, how are they about switching/transferring to someone else like if I want to get premium elsewhere?
Please let me know from other people who might have already tried ProFreeHost, what makes InfinityFree better?

Both use the same reseller hosting system!
The difference I felt in IF is,the community.
If you have and doubts/problems,create one here and you can expect an answer within an hour.
Well Admin too replies in topics,I have never seen this in any community?
I personally recommend IF.

This is actually a good question. I’m going to be writing some reviews soon and one of them is about “Best Free Hosting in 2021”. I’ll be gathering deep knowledge from all hosts, but I already know there is a difference between InfinityFree and ProFreeHost even thought they are similar, it’s one of those paradoxes! :smile: The difference between the two hosts is, that InfinityFree provides knowledge base and support articles and in addition to that, it provides extremly quick support from community members all around the globe. Because of this, you could almost consider it 24/7 support! However, ProFreeHost does not do this. But that pretty much is the difference. Other than that, they’re quite similar excluding some minor client are interface. So now it’s up to you to decide which is good for you.
----------------------Note: This comment is written from an unbiased point of view----------------------

Both services are indeed similar. We use the same hosting platform, so you’ll get a mostly identical service on both providers.

ProFreeHost’s panel is actually very similar to how our panel looked a few years ago, but we’ve developed it further since then, and added some useful features like the free SSL certificates, as well as polishing the overall experience.

So I would say InfinityFree is better, but then again I’m not exactly unbiased. Although I would be curious what kind of answers you would get if you would ask this question on the ProFreeHost forum.


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