InfinityFree or iFastNet?

What is the differences between InfinityFree and iFastNet? They both have a cPanel.

Well infinityfree has many restrictions and the servers specs are moderate. Well that’s what you get for free. iFastNet is premium hosting with much more specs and performance servers. They both have a control panel. IF has vPanel which is not quite feature-rich if compared to premium hosting’s cPanel (most hosting providers use this in the industry).


InfinityFree is free, iFastNet isn’t. If you don’t have money or don’t want to pay definitely InfinityFree. However iFastNet would be better since it has a lot more features than InfinityFree.


InfinityFree is a reseller of iFastNet. Basically, although they use different servers, iFastNet mannages both sets. iFastNet is paid premium hosting, and IF is free hosting. IF is better suited for smaller projects, or new websites. iFastNet is more for established or resource-dependent websites. InfinityFree is basically iFastNet with fewer features, but without a price tag.


Just like Word & LibreOffice @Greenreader9


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