Infinityfree + Mybb forum

Hello, I am new in these things and I am researching.
Infinity free is good with Mybb forum?
My forum site will be probably with 1000 registered members.
I will sell digital products as vip memberships.
The basic content is chat, games, billiard.

Everything will be good if I use infinityFree free plan, for 1000 registered members (let’s say 10 000 views, clicks, per day by these registered )
Selling of digital products vip memberships.
My question is if everything will be good without problems using the free plan ?

Straightforward no.

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That’s a quite sizeable website. So no, you can’t host that here.

That said, do you really think that you’ll have 1000 members from the start? And that every single one of the users will have 10 interactions per day on your site? Because those are some VERY active users.

You can start out on free hosting of course and get the first couple of dozen users signed up to get the ball rolling and switch to premium hosting as you’re approaching the limits on free hosting. You don’t need to spend money today on what you hope to get in the future.


I am not starting from 0

I have group already with 1288 members.
Pic : Screenshot by Lightshot

My topic was for information, I need to know what plan is best for my case.
Since is my first site I want to try for free and if is needed I will upgrade in future .

I don’t know if all 1288 members will move, some of them are hot active, I am pretty sure at least the half will join.

My question is, the free plan is good choice in my case?
The 10000 clicks and view per day was just example.
How many views and clicks are allowed per day?
My digital products ( premium memberships) are allowed to be used in the site using your host?

I will mention the forum will be not big size since will be just for chat, not for movies or something heavy. So my site will not be heavy. I will not pass the limits for size.
I want just to know about the views per days and sended messages per day. What is the limit per day?

My priority is my friends to feel comfortable while are in the site.

Thanks in advance

Informal stands for anything off-topic not for information.

I suggest you to get premium hosting for that because no free hosting powered sites can handle that much visitors.


All of those things are business level metrics. They are useful to you, but meaningless to a hosting provider. We care about the things that affect server load, like number of web requests, amount of processing power used, and so on. Most of those things are the consequence of user activity, but don’t measure it 1-to-1.

In other words, there are no fixed limits to that, and the practical limit is impossible to predict.

That said, 10000 views and clicks per day does sound like quite a busy site already. So like @anon19508339 said: premium hosting is probably a better fit here.


Then try making a Discord server, or using Microsoft Teams, SMS or Skype

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