"InfinityFree + mongoDB" or other service?

I would like to know if there is a possibility to put mongodb in the InfinityFree unlimited database, as it currently does.

Is there a service other than InfinityFree that makes it “free”?

I think it’s impossible to use other database type in free hosting.
Even to use PostgreSQL you must upgrade to premium. Only support MySQL with its PHPMyAdmin (and SQLite database).

& eventhough you can use MongoDB from other site (such as from mLab), you can’t use it in here.
Because its extension for PHP was not installed.


Is there any “free hosting” in 2020 that has a database with free mongodb?

For example infinityFree has mysql database free
Would there be any hosting with a nosql and mongodb database?

Depends on what kind of hosting you’re looking for.

Website hosting with MongoDB is rare in general, regardless of budget, because most website software doesn’t use MongoDB. MySQL is most popular, but some others use other SQL databases like PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server, and then there are those that can make use of supplementary databases like Redis, Memcached or Elasticsearch.

If you’re looking to host a web application, maybe the free tier at a cloud provider like AWS, or something like Heroku, may offer MongoDB hosting for free as well, or at least provide the flexibility to let you use other free MongoDB services.


Personally, “infinityfree” I hope it goes very well for your whole life, because offering a free mysql DB with a lot of flexibility with the control panel is wonderful, in addition to other free functions.

At Amazon, AWS, they are always going to charge you for everything, be it just for sticking your head out; therefore I discard it.

Heroku, I have seen that they have mongoDB, but it is an ADDON called mLab, from what I have seen. There is also bad news:

mLab will not continue its project on Heroku
On the official mLab page, they only offer 500 mb of space.

MongoDB, they are only text documents, I can have them anywhere, but it needs a server for the connection, for that we speak of a CLOUD computing. That’s why I’m looking for mongoDB-compatible hostings without having to have cloud computing.

infinityfree is all I’m looking for, but I only need one area for mongodb.

It is not to make the competition to infinityfree far from it, but is there any “free host” with mongodb and unlimited databases in 2020?

The best option is MYSQL, but imagine for a moment that the database grows at a “too exaggerated” rate, then MYSQL becomes slow and clunky.

Currently I can’t find any “Free hosting” like infinityfree and unlimited databases with mongodb.

Also, I want the “hosting” that offers the same help as infinityfree.

With all these options:
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
400 MySQL Databases
PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.4
MySQL 5.6
Full .htaccess support
Free Subdomain Names
Free SSL on your own domains
Free DNS Service
“mongodb” ---------------> required

Compatible with:
WordPress WordPressJoomla JoomlaDrupal DrupalMyBB MyBBPrestaShop PrestaShopphpBB phpBB

When something is good, it will always be good and infinityfree offers it to you.

A brother of infinityfree? Haha…

MongoDB Atlas has a free tier available here: Pricing | MongoDB

I am currently on this one, but it gives 0.5GB or 500MB.
It says scalable up to 5GB, but it’s not entirely true.

It only gives you 500MB, that is, for a basic application it can work, for an application with 100 tables or in other words, 100 collections will not work.

I prefer it to be free.

I understand that there are hostings that do not “know” how to make money without it being free, it is understood that they do not know how to do marketing like FaceBook, Google, Twitter or others.

But there are many sites with free databases and unlimited bandwidth. I’m just looking for one that is compatible with mongoDB

I show a small example where you can see that the 500MB test is only useful if you want to do an exercise in a subject at a university. But for a large project, you can’t.

Any free MongoDB server is only going to be a trial tier with small storage space and connection and/or query limits.

I’m just wondering though, what sort of “text documents” do you need to store that you require MongoDB with a sizeable amount of storage space? While MongoDB and it’s competitors are called “document databases”, their usage cases should be fairly similar to MySQL (but with a different data format and query language).

If you’re literally storing “text documents”, as in large sections of human readable text, those could also be stored in TEXT columns in MySQL, or even just as simple .txt files on your hosting account.

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I am going to make a hypothetical case.

For example, Suppose I have a MYSQL database and I have a game called Fortnite or League of Legends.

Having many users:
Do you know what will happen with an insert ?, or a Select? (although they are optimized by indexes). I tell you, increase of time in making the request, this translates as “Lag” because of the server, or in other words, increase of “ms”, both of the connection and of the transmission of data in real time.

Now, if 3 million requests are made at the same time …

Suppose the project has no output … perfectly I take MYSQL and forget about mongoDB, because MYSQL is very simple.

But if the project works?
Assuming a MYSQL database is made. In the future, to improve performance, you would have to migrate a whole database from MYSQL to mongoDB, it will be too “rough” task for future, that is, you will have to work on databases after the project is in release and consistent, that is, work work and work once released …

A company rarely changes databases once the game is ready.

So I asked what database they used in real time.

You don’t want “infinityfree” to have a “stackoverflow” do you?

The reason is, what could “infinityfree” do with a real-time game?
What I personally see is MongoDB, why, because it doesn’t need a database schema and it’s just plain text. With which you would only save text, I doubt that you have more than 20GB of text in a medium-large application.

I am aware of … How is a database going to grow so much? I also understand “640K ought to be enough for anybody”, but the reality of the future is different.

Forgive my English, I’m Spanish :slight_smile:


I think I have found a solution.

Thanks for everything.


You don’t need MongoDB to scale. MySQL can scale to quite great levels as well. Many big sites like YouTube, Craigslist and Facebook can service millions or even billions of users while storing their data in MySQL. Of course, their MySQL setup will be far from simple, but servicing that many users isn’t going to be simple regardless of the technology you use.

Starting with MySQL now and migrating that to MongoDB later is going to be very painful. But many companies, no matter their size, never make this step and just scale up MySQL.

The StackOverflow article you linked says that even Fortnite is powered in some part with an SQL database.

If you feel more comfortable with MongoDB, then don’t let anyone here stop you. But saying MySQL doesn’t scale has been proven wrong by many large companies.

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