infinityfree just get an error today?

hi, did infinityfree just get an error today, why and for the irregular buttons, am I the only one experiencing this?

Not sure when you submitted this post (when Discourse marks something for review, it doesn’t say when it was submitted), but an issue did indeed happen here due to bad Cloudflare cache. That should be fixed, but your browser may still have the bad cache. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do about that.


but here it’s fine, only on the initial page yesterday it has improved but now it’s error again
11/8/2021 2:04 PM

Browser: Chrome
all browsers are the same

Of course it is. The client area and the main site are completely separate, using different domains, different software and different hosting. This specific issue cannot happen on the client area because of this.

I checked it and I don’t see any issues.


i suggest you delete your cache

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