InfinityFree is Garbage

this service is absolutely horrible. I know you get what you pay for but how do they expect people to pay for it when its this bad. couple hours of work on my site which is very small leads to getting it suspended for 24 hours because of to much cpu usage. then when it finally comes back up it continuously disconnects from the database. luckily i had a backup. Fuck infinityFree. i am moving to a new host and will never come back nor will i ever recommend it to anyone.

Welcome @jressler24 :slightly_smiling_face: and I guess maybe goodbye?

There are many here including me that will disagree with you about the service being bad, but that doesn’t mean you’re not having problems.

You might think about it, reconsider, then start your own thread describing exactly what is happening and what you see. The excessive cpu usage may be something you can avoid in the future once you know why it’s occurring.

You can ask for some help here on the forum, use the resources available to you, then decide if it’ll work for you or not, it doesn’t cost anything, just a bit of time and effort on your part. Setting up with a new host can be avoided, there are people here that can, and will help you if you give them a chance.


Even if your site is small, doing big changes on it like installing scripts, plugins and themes can easily cause a lot of CPU usage. Using too much CPU usage could overload the servers and harm other websites on it, which is why we have to limit how much CPU power your website can use.

As for the database connection issue, we’re aware of this happening on some servers. The issue is primarily caused by old hardware, and the new hardware is already on it’s way and should be installed soon. So within a couple of weeks, the database issues should not be happening anymore.


If you guys want to be a valid host old hardware should be replaced before it becomes a major issue like that. As far as making a few changes could overload the servers. That means you have absolutely shitty servers and nobody should be using your services. Any decent host wouldn’t have those issues.

IT’S A FREE HOSTING PLATFORM. Be grateful that such a thing exists .

Even for free it’s shit. I have already moved my site over to another free host that doesn’t have shitty servers. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it has to be this horrible.

Sure, are you going to pay for the new hardware, while we still have older but still decently working hardware running mostly fine?

It’s by no means a “major issue”. There are a few reports here and there from people reporting flaky database connections at some times. Most databases for most people are still working perfectly for most of the time. I don’t have access to the exact details, but the reports were so few and far between it took us months to find out it might be a hardware problem. Because again, the servers are running just fine for almost everyone.

You’re in really bad luck that your initial setup ended up hitting a limit, and you got unlucky with the server allocation and timing. And I’m sorry for that. But please understand that what you’ve experience is by no means what people normally experience with us. I really hope you’re willing to give us another shot in the future, so we can demonstrate to you our usual, high quality free service.


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