InfinityFree Instant Live Chat Support?

Does InfinityFree have an instant live chat window that users can turn to for instant free support?

If so, whereabouts is it? Can someone please reply to me with its URL address?

If not, is it possible for InfinityFree to look into putting one up and making arrangements for it to be there? It would be a great advantage and reassurance for one to be there.


You do realize that this is a free service, right?

And you do realize that a live chat means there has to be people on it 24/7 right?

And you do realize that hiring people costs money, right?

InfinityFree provides this forum, we provide our time (No, we don’t get paid). If you want live chat, someone is going to have to pay for it, and it’s not going to be me.

(Oh, and did I mention that live chats are resource intensive? So hosting costs will go up, and (hint), that costs money too).

So no, there is no live chat, and there will never be a live chat unless someone decides to pay for it (And most people come here because they don’t want to pay).

EDIT: If you are willing to pay for it, I’m sure we can set something up between a bunch of volunteers here. My personal price is $15 /hour.


Did you also notice that the only support option is a community forum? And that there is no ticket system, no email address and no phone number either? And that our contact page and our knowledge base very clearly says that we do not provide staff support with free hosting?

So no, there is no live support, and likely there never will be. Maybe a chat bot at some point, but no live chat with staff.

Are you going to pay us a hundred thousand dollars per month it would take to hire the like 5+ people full time to staff a support desk 24/7 (give or take)? Because we don’t have that kind of money.

So it’s possible to look into, but it’s a waste of effort because it will never, ever be economically possible, let alone sensible.

If you want instant live chat support, that’s very understandable. Just be ready to pay a lot for your hosting too, because staff time is not cheap.


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