InfinityFree host & domain move to Godaddy domain

Currently have a site in InfinityFree for the host and domain.
I would like the domain to be at GoDaddy.
How can I direct what I have on InfinityFree to a GoDaddy domain?

I’ve tried changing the DNS CNAME servers but now I’m getting errors.

I’ve tried to read the previous thread but still not understanding.

The GoDaddy site is

Anyone have experience in this that can help?

Very much appreciated.

I’m confused as to what you are trying to do. Your domain is registered with GoDaddy, and you are using GoDaddy namservers.

If you want to use the domain with IF, you need to change your namservers.


I think I changed the nameservers to
My InfinityFree was in the IF0.

Do I need to change anything in the DNS management?


Yes, it looks like your just changed the namservers. You should be able to add the domain to a hosting account now.


I don’t know what is the correct next step?

I already have a wordpress site in my infinityfree account.
My target is to have that site to be viewed once they go to the GoDaddy site.

I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Do you want your website hosted with IF or GD? It can’t be both unless you want to use subdomains.


I want to the GD domain to be hosted with IF.
Already have the site made in IF.
Is that possible?

But currently host and domain is with IF.

If I understand it correctly: you have already built a website on our hosting. You say that “the domain is with IF”. But we’re not a domain name provider, so that’s not possible. Or do you mean that your website is setup on a free subdomain?

If so, the first step is to add the domain to your InfinityFree hosting account. Be sure to set it up as a Parked Domain (if using the control panel) or set the domain to be linked to the same directory as your subdomain (if using the client area).

After that is done, you may need to change some additional things in your website to start using the new domain. The exact steps for this depend on the website software you use, so you may want to search the web for that.


I’m not sure if it’s a subdomain but its live on IF.

I went into domains and I see:
Domain :
Directory: htdocs

I can see Add Domain there.
Would adding a domain replace what’s on

My purpose is to have the WordPress contents of that to go to the GD domain.
Confused of what the next steps I should take?

Yup, the zipit domain is a free subdomain from IF. You can add your custom domain as a parked domain (so it shares the same root folder), then login to WP on the zipit domain and update your siteURL.


Sorry if my questions are too basic.

I add the custom domain as a parked domain BY hitting the “+ Add Domain” button on the IF Domains page.

Now an additional new line:
Domain -
Directory -

Went to WP Settings > General
Changed the WordPress (URL) and Site Address (URL) to the GD.

I think now it’s stuck?
Keeps not loading for both the domain and WP admin.

If you do it that way to need to move the files from the old htdocs folder to the one you just created.

The easier way to do it is just add it as a parked domain in the control panel (or change the directory to “/htdocs” if it lets you). You’ll need to remove the domain from your account (via the Addon domains section) first.


I’m guessing all of this should be done in the Control Panel?

  1. Delete the Addon Domain
  2. Add Parked Domain - input GD site

Will this delete all of my WordPress contents from the IF?

addon domains allow you to run multiple websites from the same hosting account each having their own unique domainname/htdocs directory but this is not required if youre running just a single domain

originally your website is stored on your hosting at /htdocs

when you added a domain it created a new directory for a new website / but your original website is still stored at /htdocs so you can safely remove the addon domain

now if you use park domain it will park your go daddy domain name onto the original /htdocs

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Ok so if I do the above 2 steps in that order, that would not delete the previous contents?

Worried it might delete since I cannot access that WP site anymore.

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it should be fine, just double check with the file manager that /htdocs does contain your wordpress files before doing anything

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When I added the Parked Domain (Aliases) in the Control Panel, parked onto
Is that correct?

Deleted the AddOn Domain.

Website is working but the some of the pictures aren’t there.
I also cannot access the WP login page.
How can I access the WP login?

Was there some thing I missed?

When I added the Parked Domain (Aliases) in the Control Panel, parked onto
Is that correct?

Deleted the AddOn Domain.

yes that sounds correct

Website is working but the some of the pictures aren’t there.
also cannot access the WP login page.
How can I access the WP login?

can you let us know what pictures are missing

to access your login use


Background images are gone. Most of the pictures are gone.

I can’t seem the get the correct login and pw for the WP login.
I don’t know how to retrieve it.

I think I made a mistake by deleting the domains of on the “+ Add Domain” page at InfinityFree. This is not from the Control Panel.

Any way I can fix this?


Deleting the domain does not delete any files, so it should be possible to fix. Can you answer these questions:

  • What is the path to your WordPress install (‘/path/htdocs’)
  • Share a screenshot of the domain list in the client area (Where it shows the domain and the root path)