Infinityfree FULL review : pros and cons

1-large storage
2-large bandwith
3-meduim support speed
1-extremly failed to describe their plans :(free plan: limited CPU/ premium : more CPU)
2-the limits are prepared to be crossed anyway, even because they count the total of day example; 30 active users on your site for 2 hours = you will get suspended for CPU limit
3- ads on the Cpanel , so their services are not totally free
can i use infinity free hosting as a start?
if its just for education and test purpose yes, but if you willing to receive visitors i don’t recommenced the free plan ,and the premium plans are totally anonyms, so may like to buy from ifastnet directly because their support provides more info ,or look for another hosting

btw , my subdomain suspended for reason so i cant backup my files :confused: thanks

Interesting… The ads on the cPanel don’t make this non-free hosting, thats just so that InfinityFree can actually earn something out of the hosting. No one is actually paying anything.

I do agree with you on this, but if you make your website in the right way (and maybe do a bit of magic) your website can withstand a fair amount of visitors.


What did you except from free services? They also have to earn money to be able to keep their services otherwise it’ll shutdown, Welcome to the world that Nothing is free in it and costs lots of money to develop things.

Please see this section about suspended pages on your site’s main domain:

So then what are you paying exactly? We just show the ads, you have no obligation to click them and make a purchase to use our hosting.

Please note that when we say “free hosting”, we mean free as in “free beer”, not necessarily “free speech”. You don’t have to pay for it, but there are restrictions on what you can do with it.


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